Troop 532 Visits

Webelos from Troop 532 met with Mayor Wiley prior to Monday night's Town Council Meeting.

Christmas Tree Removal

Christmas trees without tinsel will be collected for use as bird habitats on Poplar Island again this year. Please leave trees where your trash is usually collected. There is no schedule for Christmas Tree pickup.Trees will be collected within a couple days of their curbside placement.

For additional information regarding the Poplar Island program, please visit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation website by clicking here.

Town Council Meeting November 17th

The live broadcast of the Town Council Meeting was unavailable on the night of the meetibng. Please click here to view the replay (subject to availability).

The presentation concerning the proposed Food Hub is available here.

Fraud Alert - EZ-Pass

You just got back from a trip and you log onto your computer to check your e-mail. The e-mail appears to be from E-ZPass and it explains that you have unpaid tolls that needs to be satisfied or charges will be placed.

The email points to a link for you to follow to download the invoice. Instead on an invoice the link downloads a zip file that contains an executable with location aware malware.

Some of the command and control server locations are associated with the ASProx botnet, which has previously disseminated other spam imitating major retail stores.

It does not appear the E-ZPass e-mails actually attempt to entice recipients to pay anything. Rather, the infected machines are reportedly used for advertising click-fraud.

If you find that you have downloaded this file it is imperative that you immediately have your computer cleaned.

Check out the IC3 website for additional internet scams.

Parking Permits

All Off-Street Parking Permits expire at the end of June or Decmeber. Please see the sticker for expiration date.

Please click here for a copy of the permit application.

Please bring completed applications to the Town Office at 14 S. Harrison St.

Police Advisory - Active Phone Scam

The Easton Police Department would like to make citizens aware of a phone scam currently be experienced in the community. The scammers advise citizens that they are calling because they owe back taxes. Police are advising citizens not to provide any personal information to the callers or make any payments. The callers were said to be very aggressive in their tactics. Anyone who has questions about the legitimacy of a call may contact EPD at 410-822-1111


Minutes from ALL meetings can be found here

Agendas for upcoming meetings

Please note that the Agenda's available here may reflect past meetings. The agenda from the most recent meeting remains posted until the next agenda becomes available.

Town Council Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month in the Council Chambers at 14 South Harrison St

Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

Minutes from past meetings can be found .

Video from prior Council Meetings can be viewed here.