2014 Tax Bill Insert

A copy of the Informational insert which will accompany your tax bill is available here.

Storm Water Management System Upgrades

The Town of Easton is nearing completion of an upgrade to the storm water management system that is located adjacent to the rail trail and Dover Street. This project primarily relates to the installation of two storm water management facilities, with bio retention areas, which are intended to hold peak event storm water and to naturally process that water so that discharges from the storm water system are of increased quality.

With increases in impervious surfaces, some areas of the town were experiencing localized flooding during peak storm events. As the Town studied ways to address this problem, through detailed examination of existing systems and options, it was decided that the best way to address this vicinity was by the installation of storm water management facilities. The underlying storm drain system in this vicinity, while approaching 100 years in age, was found to be remarkably intact and viable although the capacity was being overwhelmed in certain peak storm events.

The current installation consists of two storm water management facilities where the storm water will be collected, held, and then percolated through differing types of material prior to introduction into the storm drainage system. This installation is being constructed by Town of Easton crews and contractor crews at a cost of approximately $130,000. This cost is entirely funded by the Town of Easton. Additional improvements in the vicinity are also forthcoming.

Rails to Trails Bridge Repair Completed

The Town of Easton Public Works Department replaced the decking and old ties on the Rails to Trails Railroad bridge. The bridge reopened to all traffic on April 21st


Draft Windmill Branch Watershed Management Plan

Police Advisory - Active Phone Scam

The Easton Police Department would like to make citizens aware of a phone scam currently be experienced in the community. The scammers advise citizens that they are calling because they owe back taxes. Police are advising citizens not to provide any personal information to the callers or make any payments. The callers were said to be very aggressive in their tactics. Anyone who has questions about the legitimacy of a call may contact EPD at 410-822-1111


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